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Human Subjects Protection Office

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UConn Health holds a Federalwide Assurance which is an agreement between this institution and the government, in particular the Office for Human Research Protections within the Department of Health and Human Services, that assures that whenever UConn Health engages in non-exempt human subjects research conducted or supported by any federal department or agency that has adopted the Common Rule, UConn Health will comply with the terms of the assurance.  While the assurance is applicable to federally funded research, UConn Health applies the same protection standards to all human subject research, regardless of the funding source. Dr. Jeffrey R. Seemann, is the assurance signatory official who holds ultimate responsibility to ensure compliance with the terms of our FWA. The operational aspect of that responsibility has been delegated to the Director of the Human Subjects Protection Office, Dr. Richard Simon, who is designated as the Administrator of our FWA. Our FWA number is 00006064 and its expiration date is March 20, 2020.

The vision of the Human Subjects Protection Office at UConn Health is to provide complete protection to all volunteer subjects enrolled in research studies and to have that protection be an integral part of a fluid process that responds to the needs of the subject, the researcher, and the institution.

The primary mission of the Human Subjects Protections Office is to ensure that the rights and welfare of those who participate in research studies are protected. This mission is carried out by first ensuring that all research involving human subjects is reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board prior to initiation and subsequently by continuing review and monitoring of approved studies. These functions ensure that studies are being conducted in accordance with the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence and justice as set forth in the Belmont Report, and in compliance with internal policies, and Federal regulation.

The Human Subjects Protection Office (HSPO) has oversight responsibility of the Institutional Review Boards and support staff, the Research Compliance Monitor, the Education and Development Specialist, and the HSPO Scientific Review Committee. The HSPO cannot influence or change any decision made by the IRB. As outlined in the organizational chart (PDF), the HSPO reports to Executive Vice President for Health Affairs  and works closely with the Office of Research Administration and Finance and the Office of Research Compliance.

The HSPO is comprised of the following individuals. Investigators and study personnel are encouraged to call the office for assistance in preparing an application for the IRB or with any other questions, comments, suggestions and/or concerns.

Dr. Richard Simon
Phone: 860-679-1631

Ms. Deborah Gibb
Deputy Director
Phone: 860-679-3054

Ms. Pamela Colwell
Administrative Officer

Regulatory Specialist Panel 1
Phone: 860-679-1019

Ms. Donna Horne
Regulatory Specialist Panel 2
Phone: 860-679-4851

Ms. Patricia Gneiting
Regulatory Specialist Panel 3
Phone: 860-679-4849

Ms. Marcy Chasse
IRB Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-679-8729

Ms. Judi Kulko
IRB Chair Panel 01
Phone: 860-679-1395

Dr. Upendra Hegde
IRB Chair Panel 02
Phone: 860-679-4249

Dr. Julian Ford
IRB Chair Panel 03 and CICATS
Phone: 860-679-8778

Dr. Douglas Peterson
Chair, Scientific Review Committee
Phone: 860-679-3661
Mrs. Mayra Cagganello
Education Specialist
Phone:  860-679-8802

Ms. Julia Schmidt
Research Compliance Monitor
Phone:  860-679-7555
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