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HHS Federal-wide Assurance Number 00006064

IRB members are appointed by the Director of the Human Subjects Protection Office and are selected for their experience and expertise, as well as for their diverse backgrounds. Panel 01 generally meets on the first Monday of the month, Panel 02 generally meets on the the third Monday of the month and Panel 03 generally meets on the fourth Monday of the month. The CICATS panel generally meets the 4th Thursday of the month, as needed, and reviews only new CICATS research (i.e., the panel does not review studies previously approved by panel 1, 2 or 3 that now utilize CICATS resources).

Meeting dates and submission deadlines may be adjusted due to holidays therefore investigators should always refer to the published schedules. Note that the submission deadlines only apply to studies that require full board review (either initially or at the time of continuation). Studies that qualify for expedited review or exempt status are reviewed on an on-going cycle by the IRB Chair or IRB member authorized by the Chair.

Each member who is assigned as a primary review is provided with an electronic reviewer sheet within IRIS.  The help buttons associated to the form addresses all the points the IRB should consider as related to the criteria for approval. The forms provided by the PI address the special concerns of involving vulnerable populations in research and the IRB must consider those forms.

Members may find the following documents helpful:

IRB - 01 
Micha Abeles, M.D.,  Professor Medicine (Rheumatology) Vice Chair
Elizabeth Ahlstrand*, J.D., Associate, Seiger Gfeller Laurie LLP
Karen Beyard, Ph.D., Professor and Director Ed.D. Program, Central CT State University
Bruce Brenner, M.D., Assistant Professor, Surgery
Pamela Colwell, B.S., Regulatory Specialist+
Alan Curto, J.D., Partner, Halloran & Sage LLP
Margaret Grunnet, M.D.,  Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (retired)
Meliessa Hennessy, M.P.H., Director, Clinical Affairs, Cerulean
Naveed Hussain, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Judi Kulko, M.Sci., Executive Administrator, Clinical and Translational Research, Chair
Kourosh Parham, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Surgery
David Pendrys, D.D.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences and Community Health
Meryem Tuncel-Kara, M.D., Associate Professor, Hypertension & Clinical Pharmacology
Catherine Wilcox, M.Div., Pastoral Services, UConn Health Center
Andrew Winokur, M.D., Ph.D.*, Professor, Psychiatry
*Jane Comerford, J.D., M.P.H., Alternate
+Donna Horne, B.S. Alternate
+Patricia Gneiting, M.A. Alternate


IRB - 02
Timothy Everett, J.D., M.A., Clinical Professor of Law, UConn School of Law, (Prisoner Advocate)
Martin Freilich, D.D.S, Professor, Department of Reconstructive Sciences
Upendra Hegde, M.D., Assistant Professor, Hematology/Oncology, UConn Health Center, Chair
Donna Horne, B.S., Regulatory Specialist*
Ronald Kadden, Ph.D., M.A., Professor Psychiatry (retired)
Agnes Koczon-Jaremko, MD, Director of Research & Clinical Trials, Neuromuscular Center, Hospital for Special Care
Janice Loomis, M.A., Administrator, IRB William W. Backus Hospital
Craig Marantz, M.A., M.Div., Rabbi, Congregation Kol Haverim
Kimberly Metcalf, Pharm.D., Director Pharmacy, UCHC
Edmund Mikolwosky, JD, Community Member
Eugene Orientale, M.D., Professor, Family Medicine
Christopher Pickett, M.D., Assistant Professor, Calhoun Cardiology Center, UCHC
Jessie Riemer, R.N., M.S.N., Clinical Nurse Specialist
*Pamela Colwell, B.S., Alternate
*Patricia Gneiting, M.A.., Alternate


IRB - 03
Julian Ford, Ph.D., Professor Psychiatry, Chair
Patricia Gneiting, M.A., Regulatory Specialist+
Agnes Jani-Acsadi, M.D., Associate Professor Neurology
William Kleinman, J.D., Attorney Generals Office*
Stephen Lahey, MD, Professor of Surgery
Elizabeth Laska, R.N., Poison Information Specialist, Traumatology and Emergency Medicine, Vice Chair
Dayne Laskey, Pharm.D., Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice, University of St. Joseph School of Pharmacy
Marla D. Mooney, M.P.H., Conard High, Community Member
Michael Morin, Community Member
Deborah Redford-Badwal, Ph.D., D.D.S., Associate Professor, Craniofacial Sciences/Pediatric Dentistry, UCHC
M. Melinda Sanders, M.D., Dept. Chair, Pathology and Lab Medicine, UCHC
John Vento, M.D., Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutics, (retired)
*Jane Comerford J.D., M.P.H, Alternate
+Pamela Colwell, B.S., Alternate
+Donna Horne, B.S., Alternate


Jyoti Chhabra, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Project Manager, Research Program, Hartford Hospital
Jane Comerford, J.D.,  retired from Attorney General's Office
Francis DiMario, Jr. M.D., Division of Pediatric Neurology, Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Julian Ford, Ph.D., Professor, Psychiatry, UConn Health Center, Chair
Joan Levine, MPH, Research Compliance, UConn Storrs
Kathryn Pitner, M.A. M.H.A., Community Health Center Association of CT
Kim Radda, R.N., M.A., Director of Research Administration, Institute for Community Research
Richard Soucier, M.D., Medical Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit ,Congestive Heart Failure Services, St. Francis Care
Catherine Wilcox, M.Div., Pastoral Services, UConn Health Center


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